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From Recovery to Rediscovery

The recovery process after spraining my ankle last summer has taken time. I had no idea the toll an injury takes on the body, especially considering mine was not even as bad as injuries many athletes or others have. Taking a hard spill down the stairs, really wreaks havoc. All those action heroes definitely would not be able to get back up from some of the falls you see in the movies.

Despite being mobile, I had to take slower yoga classes. Now I’m slowly building my way back up to where I was before I fell. I even started doing a full sun salutation again! Yet, with each upward dog, each chaturanga dandasana, my left foot feels like a flipper swimming in isolation, still paddling back towards harmony with the rest of my body.

Although the different parts of my body are still finding their way back together again, it feels really good to be on this path. I’ve missed the feeling of doing a complete sun salutation. As each pose combines with it’s respective inhale and exhale, I rediscover what I love about yoga. Only it’s deeper, because I am so grateful to be practicing this way again. The ujjai breath winds it’s way through the body, working in unison with each muscle and helping me to find my inner light and shed everything even if for one moment.



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Setting Boundaries

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries. I clearly needed to set some with fellow yoga classmates in my last blog. This time I am just thinking about boundaries in general.

I always thought that a boundary was a negative or implied something was wrong. It meant you are closing something off or building some type of wall. Apparently, boundaries today are viewed as part of having a healthy life. And setting boundaries is a skill, but one that most of us have not learned, which makes sense why it feels so foreign to me, but keeps turning up as a theme.

But, in this new age of health and well-being, I’m learning that boundaries are good things. That having them means you know and understand what your limits are. They are the sign of a healthy relationship and giving yourself permission to put yourself and your needs first, especially at work.

It means speaking up for yourself, and not being a doormat. For instance, at physical therapy for my ankle, I was displeased with the young woman who was supposed to help me with physical activity after my therapy. Her efforts were mediocre at best and she finished up well before my time was up. I was and still am not happy about it and plan to speak to the person who runs the place.

At the very minimum, you have to speak up or politely push back without making it feel like you are pushing back, which is an art in and of itself. But, one I guess I am going to learn. Hopefully, younger generations are learning this stuff at an earlier age.

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A Healthy Resolution for 2018

IMG_1777A recent post of Rachel’s talked about New Year’s Day Intentions. I myself have always set resolutions or mapped out how I am going to live the year. I start with the best of intentions but it always falls apart. So this year, my plan was to stay unplanned.

Then, last week, between PMS migraines and stomach cramps twisting my body inside out, a thought popped into my head – HEALTH. More importantly, my health. In more than 20 years, since I started working, even probably when I was back in high school, I have never said my health comes first. I just take it for granted. My decision for 2018 – health comes first. There was a literal light bulb over my head. If my body is doing well, then I am doing well, and all will be well.

My mom told me that when she was growing up her dad would always say, “Health is wealth.” And she has been on my case these past several years, especially the past decade, for me to take better care of myself and not stress myself out so much. And like most things, mom knows best. Admittedly, it took me a while to catch up to her wisdom.

I’m tired of feeling like total shit from migraines and how they inhibit from living my life. I’m fed up with, yet again, having to tell my husband, a friend or one of my parents, “Sorry, I am not well. It’s a migraine.” Even worse, pumping myself full of the shit medication that has so many side effects that are not good for you. Don’t get me wrong, the medicine works when I need it and has saved me so many times. But I just want to be healthy and not have to rely on it so much.

So, let’s see how putting my health first, my healthy resolution for 2018, goes.