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From Recovery to Rediscovery

The recovery process after spraining my ankle last summer has taken time. I had no idea the toll an injury takes on the body, especially considering mine was not even as bad as injuries many athletes or others have. Taking a hard spill down the stairs, really wreaks havoc. All those action heroes definitely would not be able to get back up from some of the falls you see in the movies.

Despite being mobile, I had to take slower yoga classes. Now I’m slowly building my way back up to where I was before I fell. I even started doing a full sun salutation again! Yet, with each upward dog, each chaturanga dandasana, my left foot feels like a flipper swimming in isolation, still paddling back towards harmony with the rest of my body.

Although the different parts of my body are still finding their way back together again, it feels really good to be on this path. I’ve missed the feeling of doing a complete sun salutation. As each pose combines with it’s respective inhale and exhale, I rediscover what I love about yoga. Only it’s deeper, because I am so grateful to be practicing this way again. The ujjai breath winds it’s way through the body, working in unison with each muscle and helping me to find my inner light and shed everything even if for one moment.