Writing on the Run

dawn dusk forest grass
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

For a while I’ve had an idea about doing a writing/fitness program using my Writer’s Boot Camp books. I would need to team up with a personal trainer or aerobics instructor to make it feasible. The Writer’s Boot Camp books aren’t about fitness, but when I was writing them I noticed how much faster I could write if I focused on it immediately after jogging or even took down notes while I jogged. It makes sense, right? There’s a lot out there about how ideas come when you’re running, and of course exercise helps reduce anxiety, one of the biggest impediments to writing. But I haven’t seen much on combining writing and exercise, not just in the course of a day, but actually doing them together.

I won a free month of membership at Asphalt Green in Battery Park City and began today. It’s a beautiful, bright place with a great vibe (& amazing little cafe). I “kicked off” my attempts at writing-while-exercising on the stationary bike. That seemed the least risky. It was slightly awkward to write on a constantly shifting surface (notebook bobbing up and down on my legs) but it was definitely easy to focus on writing when I was also biking. It was like any energy that is usually spent on anxiety and/or distraction (or usually some feedback loop combination) was channeled into cycling.

Has anyone ever tried this? I’d be curious to hear your experience.



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