Mid-Winter Funk

I really loved Sharyn’s post on January 27th where she gave advice to start of the New Year right. The tips and insights were spot on and perfect to get me through my present mid-Winter funk.

February is always tough. I feel like I get through December with the holidays and it takes the next 31 days to settle in and adjust to the New Year. Once February rolls around, the deep freeze, grey skies and snowy wet weather start to wear on me. All motivation seems lost. Everything is moving at a slug-like pace. I feel like a drone punching in a clock at work (or in this case logging on and off my laptop), crossing things off my to do list, showering, eating, sleeping, waking up, repeat all over again. It’s a heavy kapha-esque feeling.

I woke up Monday morning with an urge to shake myself out of this stupor and reached for a Wild Orange essential oil. As I inhaled deeply, the vibrant scent electrified my nostrils and knocked the kapha right out of me. The bitter orange peel, bold citrus, mixed with audacious juicy flavors hit me like a lightning bolt. I was alive. It made me see sunlight again and filled my heart with warmth and joy, keeping the cold, icy claw of that mid-Winter funk away.

Walking outside this evening, as I made my way down East 47th Street, I could see the sun setting in the West, a rosy glow emanating from between the skyscrapers. It reminded me of a bright, beautiful, zesty orange and made me smile in anticipation of longer days and sunny weather.



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