I guess we are a little more than a third of the way into this project, if it turns out to be a year. September 20 we began.

I can’t remember if Kajal and I agreed on a year, or if that thought occurred to me later, the result of transposing the experience of this blog with memories of following One Blue Sail religiously when was that, I guess 2016? Sarah Bousquet chose a calendar year for her 365 challenge, which clearly makes sense. Yet September, not just because of school, but I suppose largely because of it, is always a new beginning too. (Surely the fifteen million Jews in the world would agree.)

I love how keeping track of the days in some written form—not all the days, but enough—makes the time dilate. Looking back over the entries, you think, wow. We have had so much time.

Lately I’ve been writing less than I want to and thinking more. While practicing yoga, there is often not much to do with one’s mind but think. I know those who are more advanced can get beyond too much thinking, can return their focus again and again to their breath. So far I cannot do that.


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