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Just Breathe

Our minds are constantly running. Oftentimes, we’re so focused on the future or dwelling on the past, we lose sight of the present moment. The perpetual  influx of information, from social media, email, texting and the 24-hour news cycle also make it hard to stop the ceaseless mental chatter. And many of us balance working full-time while taking care of families, barely leaving any time to practice yoga or do something just for ourselves. It’s no surprise that we start to see a mental fraying of the edges that leaves us in a fog, exhausted and uninspired to write or do anything for that matter.



One place to start is to just breathe. A simple act, breathing helps to focus and be in the present. Breathing is natural, we all do it. So what’s the big deal? Taking the time to consciously and fully inhale and deeply exhale for even 5 minutes, brings us back into the present moment. It seems so obvious but I’m trying to do it even for a few minutes on my commute or before I sit down and start to work on my creative writing. Instead of worrying about how this blog will turn out, whether or not anyone will like it or if it works with Rachel’s blog from yesterday, I try to breathe and stay focused on the practice of writing.


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