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Namaste – Starting the Journey

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Yoga is my salvation. I discovered it while living in Washington, D.C. after graduating from college where I’d met and become friends with Rachel, 19 years ago. I often wonder if I would be a different person if I had started practicing yoga sooner – or at the very least, had I benefited from the poses, or what’s referred to as asanas, combined with the breath, yoga being the union of breath and movement – how I would’ve dealt life as it unfolded.

But things happen when they are supposed to and everything happens for a reason. Yoga came into my life when I most needed it. And while I love to write and have been doing it in a professional capacity for others for nearly 20 years, for executives and big companies alike, I have to be perfectly honest, it’s something I put off doing for myself. I thoroughly love what I do as a storyteller and communications strategist. Best of all, every day I’m learning and challenged to apply my creativity in new ways.

Part of it is that I am my own harshest critic. Anytime I put pen to paper and write for myself, in my humble opinion, “It’s never good enough.” I have these grand ideas of writing a novel or even a short story. But I tend to be really hard on myself and have a lot of expectations of myself. That’s why I love Rachel’s Writer’s Bootcamp – it tells you to just go out and do it, warts and all, no excuses.

Only now, after multiple decades and through achieving greater self-awareness with my yoga practice am I starting to reach a place where I am starting to accept that I’m enough.

Through this experience, my intention is that my creative writing practice grows as my yoga practice has. I miss yoga when I don’t do get a chance to do it. My body actually reaches out for it and misses it. And it fuels my creativity at work. So, how can I use it to fuel my own creative writing and put me on a path to actually writing something that I don’t judge before I’ve barely tapped the last key on the keyboard?

Let’s see how, as I take this journey with Rachel, I start from the opposite end and use this wonderful outlet to start to move out of my comfort zone and explore how I can use what I’ve learned in yoga to help me write creatively for myself.




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